represThe general consulate for Seychelles in Tanzania, Maryvonne Pool, has sponsored the anti-bullying association, Stand up Step up Seychelles, two hundred T-shirts, for this year’s Creole Festival.

The T-shirts, which were handed over at the office of the general consulate in Tanzania, was received by the chairperson of the association Trevor Louise.

Ms Pool said she firmly believes that the association is doing a great work with the young people of Seychelles and that is why she decided to sponsor the association.

Ms Pool further added that the theme which the association chose to go with for the Creole Festival this year, ‘Mon lidantite dan mon kreolite’, is also important, as it reflects the commitment of our Seychellois youths in preserving the creole culture.

The chairperson of the association on his side has stated that the association appreciates the sponsorship and that the T-Shirts will be sold in the Creole Festival activities, to help raise funds for the association’s future projects.

Source : Seychelles NATION