lllll‘Connecting communities and cultures’ is the theme chosen by Au Cap primary school to celebrate Library Week, from October 23 – 27, 2017.

The school has organised various activities to promote the school’s library and to present Seychellois authors to students.

A special assembly, exhibition, and interaction with some Seychellois authors and a workshop were the highlights of yesterday morning’s activity at the school’s premises.

The school’s librarian, Sandra Ismael, said that as nearly all students read foreign literature, the school had seen it fit to promote Seychellois authors and let them be known as not many students read local manuscripts.

In the library, students with the help of Miss Ismael and other teachers, had organised an exhibition on the biography of several well known Seychellois authors, such as Bernard and Justin Valentin, Marie-Therese Choppy, Patrick Victor, Sonia Grandcourt, Maggie Faure Vidot, Jean-Joseph Madeleine, Marie Clarisse, Ruben Lespoir, Antoine Abel, to name a few.

During the special assembly, students and teachers of Au Cap primary school performed prayers, songs, poems and a small dialogue.

Head teacher Merna Albert welcomed all and reminded the students that wherever we are and whatever we do, other people will know because “we are connected and the internet is among one of the means for our connection to others”.

Apart from parents, teachers and students from Au Cap primary, present also were Sheila Mohideen from the Guy Morel Institute, Marie-Annette Lawen from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, authors Maggie Faure Vidot, Ruben Lespoir, Stephanie Joubert who recited one of her poems,  Georgette Larue, Marie-Antoine Simeon and Denise Elizabeth, parents, students and teachers from Plaisance secondary, Point Larue primary and secondary, Anse Aux pins primary and Cascade primary.

Author Faure Vidot made an exposé on her career and later presented a set of books to the Au Cap primary school’s library. It was librarian Ismael who collected the donation.

Ms Faure Vidot was also presented with a token of appreciation by student Riasha Gabriel.

After the vote of thanks by another student Caithyn Meme, the guests were invited to tour the exhibition and the students had the chance to interact with the local authors present.

The activity ended with a workshop on ‘poem writing’ by famous poet Ruben Lespoir.

Anorah Renaud from Point Larue secondary school said “this is a good initiative. I don’t think I know any Seychellois authors apart from Raspyek (Tony Joubert). I will get to know some of them”.

Methalie Pierre from Au cap primary said, “I also write poems in my spare time. I have four. I will get the opportunity to discuss my poems with Sir (Lespoir)”.

Source : Seychelles NATION